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Flo-Rite Fluids: US technology with a patented mechanical product that eliminates SCALE / WAX / Paraffin in Oil and Gas wells and pipelines. Magnetic Fluid Conditioner (MFC) has no moving part and was introduced to and successfully implemented in PDO assets in 2018.


Impact Selector International (ISI) is a US-based company that is shifting conventional operations  by transitioning conveyance programs from a fundamental reactionary mindset to a foundational program in the industry. ISI supplies a variety of products for the open hole and cased hole.

VELAN supplies the following products: Explosion-proof lighting equipment, switchboards, boxes,  junction boxes, posts alarm light and sound, lights, actuators & controls, safety switches, electrical connectors, cable glands and explosion-proof fittings etc.

Tapcoenpro supplies various valves such as : coke drum unheeding valve, isolation valves, flue gas & expander butterfly valves, flue gas isolation valves, two port flue gas diverter valves and slurry isolation valves. Additioonally supplies Actuators and Controls.


INTERNATIONAL INSPECTION SERVICES PVT LTD An independent international organization established in 1999. Globally covering third party inspection services from the raw material  stage to finishing including pre-shipment for the industrial segments of petrochemical plants, refineries, thermal power stations, solar and wind power plants, chemical plants, steel industry, water treatment plants, oil & gas process complexes, cement plants, and boiler steel structure.